100Mb Internet in Irvine, CA

Customers in Irvine, California have continually increased their needs for 100Mb Internet bandwidth due to an increase in Cloud Applications, Increased Application use within offices, and Remote Servers or Data Center applications. 100Mb Internet can be delivered over Fiber, and generally comes with an Ethernet handoff. There are a few different ways to deliver 100Mb Internet to your office in Irvine. In this blog I will discuss different 100Mb Internet connectivity options in Irvine, as well as why users need 100Mb Internet services.
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100Mb Internet is generally a fiber circuit with an Ethernet handoff. This means that a 100Mb Fiber Internet circuit is brought to your building 1 of 2 ways. First, In Irvine AT&T is generally the LEC, or the local phone company. Since AT&T is the local provider, AT&T will build the Ethernet line into your building and give you an Ethernet handoff to plug into your firewall. Once this is completed you will have 100Mb Internet through your chosen provider, even though AT&T built the line into your building. The second way to deliver 100Mb Internet into your building is to have your chosen provider build fiber directly into your office, bypassing the local carrier. In doing so your building will become “On-Net” for your chosen provider and will allow for extremely high speed services.

Irvine businesses have also continually migrated to the Cloud and Data Centers. In doing so they have increased their needs for Internet bandwidth from 10Mb to 50Mb and now need to utilize 100Mb Internet services. A 100Mb Internet service will provide you with a low latent Internet connection to your cloud. Through VPN-Tunneling users maximize the speed from their Internet circuit to ensure the quality of its connection and deliverance of Data to their off-site servers. When users try to utilize a slower Internet connection they are often are subject to packet losses on their networks. When this occurs servers can only get partial information from the client leading to poor server utilization.

There are many different providers who service the Irvine with 100Mb Fiber Internet. At Fastblue we have over 40 different carriers that can provide dedicated Internet services. Through our Automated Pricing tool you can have instant insight into what providers are available at your address and who has the best pricing. Please give us a call today at 888-972-BLUE to see what 100Mb Internet options you have at your office.

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