10Mb Internet

Tired of your network slowing you down? A 10Mb Internet connection could solve all your problems offering a high-speed, high-reliability solution. With a variety of different 10Mb Internet solutions from every service provider in the industry it’s never been easier to upgrade your network.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Increased Bandwidth: Both Copper and Fiber Ethernet connections offer substantially more bandwidth compared to business-class Cable and DSL connections.
  • Dedicated Connection: Unlike DSL and Cable connections, your Bonded T1 or Ethernet network would provide dedicated bandwidth directly to you. You no longer have to worry about surrounding Internet users downloading or uploading habits ruining your productivity.
  • Integrated Solutions: 10Mb Bonded T1 services and Ethernet solutions alike allow easy integration of your data and voice connections. With most providers offering integrated networking solutions a 10Mb line could handle all your networking needs.
  • Improved Reliability: DSL and Cable connections provide you Internet service most of the time. However, the time you spend resetting your router and on hold with your service providers is a waste of your day. Both Ethernet and Bonded T1 10Mb Internet connections will offer much improved reliability.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: As your company grows, chances are your networking needs will also grow. Ethernet connections simplify the process of increasing your bandwidth when the time comes – a quick call to the provider and you’re done. While a 10Mb Internet connection may be the perfect fit for now, it will be easy to amplify your service when the time comes.

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Eric Swanstrom

Eric Swanstrom is a Sales and Account Manager at Fastblue Communications. Fastblue is a Premier Managed Cloud, Telecom, and Internet Security Provider.

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