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Cisco WebEx Event Center is an incredibly useful business tool that allows you to host high quality online webinars and events. With this Event Center you can engage your attendees with multimedia content and high quality streaming video.

In this article we would like to introduce you to this multifaceted technology so that you can determine if this is an enhancement that you would like to bring to your own business.

Cisco WebEx Event Center is an incredibly useful business tool that allows you to host high quality online webinars and events.First of all, it is important to identify the instances in which web events would be useful. One of the most obvious uses is internal. Cisco allows you to hold training sessions for your new employees. A training lecture can be presented to employees while they are in their own offices at their own desks – this allows for employees to follow along as they learn to use new technology. As your business evolves you can also hold short meetings to brief your geographically dispersed staff. Often times it is easier and more effective to articulate your message through a video rather than an inter-office memo. In addition to internal communication, these web events are an ideal way to communicate externally. For example, perhaps your business sells a product that requires assembly or instruction to use. You can host live web events on your website to show customers how to assemble your product. Or you can host a weekly event to address frequently asked questions. You can also embellish your website with video reviews.

One of the major benefits with Web based events for internal and external communication is that you cut out travel cost and you broaden your reach. Rather than having a handful of guests come into your office for a meeting you can use Cisco WebEx Events to reach up to 3,000 attendees in each event. And, just because these events are hosted online does not mean they have to be impersonal. During any event you can monitor and keep interest by holding real time polls for your audience to participate in. You can also address audience questions instantly with a threaded question and answer feature.

There are also many benefit of the Cisco WebEx Event service that come into play before and after the event takes place. Since you are working online, attendee invitations are easy to track and monitor. Automated email invitations, confirmations and reminders are simple to manage with the Cisco WebEx Center. This not only allows you to gauge your success in securing attendees, but it also makes for easy follow up and analysis after the event. The Cisco Event Center aids you in merging significant attendee information into the appropriate databases so that each event can benefit your company in the long run.

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Erin Bothamley

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