Benefits of Prolexic DDoS Protection Services in San Jose

Benefits Of Prolexic DDoS Mitigation ServiceDistributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a horrific reality that must dealt with prior to any actual attacks. As it’s only a matter of time and there’s no ideal time for an attack on your network and website in San Jose, certain precautions must be taken. Prolexic has been a top provider for DDoS service in San Jose, California for a number of years and has continued to build a name for themselves around the world based upon expertise and experience in the field.

While the reasons behind a DDoS attack may remain largely unknown, Prolexic’s DDoS teams can often help identify the sources of such attacks and potentially identify why the attack took place. Don’t let DDoS services be an afterthought for your business.

Key Features and Benefits:

    • Increased Flexibility: Since they’ve been in the DDoS mitigation game for quite some time, Prolexic offers an array of DDoS mitigation and protection services designed perfectly to fit your business.
    • Expertise and Experience: In San Jose, Prolexic identifies more than one hundred different types of DDoS attacks and successfully blocks tens of thousands of attacks each and every year. With many years of experience behind them, Prolexic narrows down and figures out the real specifics of each and every attack.
    • Greater Capacity: Prolexic provides extensive protection with their massive global mitigation network constantly dispersing traffic and attempted network flooding to ensure that your site is available for end users.
    • Maximized Availability: Prolexic aims to increase site availability and uptime even during peaks of the most massive DDoS attacks.
    • Brand Protection: DDoS attacks function primarily to tarnish the brand name you’ve worked so hard to build. With DDoS protection and mitigation from Prolexic, your website can function as normal as possible even during attacks.
    • General Peace of Mind: Prolexic’s top DDoS detection, mitigation, and protection teams have successfully stopped many and blocked many aggressive attacks from the most devoted hackers.

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