With corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA, 3 Day Blinds has been a leader in retailing and manufacturing high quality, custom made blinds, shades, and shutters For over 36 years. They employ over 250 full-time Design Consultants who provide shop-at-home services, and their corporate headquarters is located in Irvine, CA.


To improve the method in which 3 Day Blinds connects with calls that enter into their call center from their clients and to increase the quality of network connectivity to the Internet. In doing so Fastblue needed find a provider that could scale to 3 Blinds needs while meeting budgetary and service requirements.


Fastblue worked with our providers to find a service provider that would be able to meet the demands of a high contact call center, as well as, the connectivity requirements of an online-based business.


Fastblue worked with 3 Day Blinds and the carrier of choice to support the order at each step of the installation process.

Final Result

Fastblue implemented a quality Interactive Call Routing, Cloud Contact Center, and Internet connectivity service to support 3 Day Blinds with the following benefits:

  • Rules Based Enhanced Call Routing Set by 3 Day Blinds
  • Full Redundancy for 3 Day Blinds’ Call Center
  • Increased Bandwidth to carry Internet traffic

Through continued support, Fastblue is able to provide 3 Day Blinds a high quality solution to help enable their business communications.


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