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Click Here for Secured, Fast, Scalable and Easy to Implement Cloud Recovery SolutionsServers sometimes crash and it is inevitable. Whether it’s due to large-scale natural disasters such as hurricanes, tropical storms, or earthquakes or inconvenient and unfortunate power outages or loss of personnel you need to have a Recovery plan in effect. Cloud Recovery provides a series of significant advantages over traditional recovery solutions offering the most scalable and accessible solutions for your business.

Cloud Recovery allows you to access your most critical applications and data in the case of an emergency requiring nothing more than an Internet connection. With the simplicity of Cloud Recovery and the fact that data loss can threaten the sheer survival of your business, it just doesn’t make sense to not have a solution in place.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Increased Accessibility: Cloud Recovery makes it easy to access your business critical data right when you need it most. Cloud Recovery solutions aim to simplify access to your data in the scenario your network crashes or your servers become unavailable.
  • Improved Protection: Industry leading encryption and password protection keep your data safe and secure. A variety of sources go as far as saying that cloud-based data recovery is more secure than more traditional in-house solutions.
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership: Minimal capital investments and no expensive equipment leads to a significant reduction in total cost of ownership. As your business grows you can easily increase your recovery needs without purchasing additional costly equipment.
  • Rapid Implementation: Since there’s no delay in waiting for design and installation of in-house storage centers, Cloud Recovery solutions are quick and easy to deploy.
  • Increased Scalability: The greatest advantage of cloud-based solutions lies in the increased scalability. Cloud Recovery provides you the space you need when you need it and as your company grows it’s easy to expand your storage and recovery needs.
  • Reduced Utilities: By eliminating the necessity for bulky on-site equipment that can be expensive to install and maintain you immediately cut electricity costs.

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