DDoS Protection

DDoS ProtectionDistributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is every company’s worst nightmare. DDoS attacks aim to take down your business’s website or entire network essentially halting business and causing you to lose business. DDoS attacks regularly take place at the worst possible time; they can result in long time customers drifting away and potential customers never signing.

DDoS protection aims to eliminate this costly downtime and increase your sites availability. Attacks are inevitable, they are going to happen and DDoS protection can keep your business performing in an efficient and productive manner. Utilizing advanced routing techniques, DDoS protection providers are able to distribute attacks across large-scale networks so major influxes of traffic do not disturb your everyday business operations.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Brand Protection: Your brand name stands for everything your business is built on, everything you’ve worked to achieve. Better safe than sorry – if a DDoS attack occurs and you’re not prepared your brand could take a big hit in the eyes of your customers.
  • Maximized Availability: By increasing availability for your sites, even during DDoS attacks, you can only increase traffic and potential customers. By maximizing your sites availability you boost relations with current and long time customers while increasing opportunities and contact with new customers.
  • Increased Capacity: In the scenario of an attack your network will go down. DDoS protection decreases or entirely eliminates downtime costly downtime by distributing the attack across massive networks with high bandwidth so you can carry on business as usual as possible.
  • Better Understand DDoS Attacks: The origins and sources of DDoS attacks often remain unknown. With DDoS Protection you’re able to learn more about every attack and better prepare your business for the future.
  • Greater Peace of Mind: Knowing that your network and website are safe and secure allows you to sleep easy each night. Availability is everything in today’s digital era and DDoS protection can keep your company up and running in tip-top shape.

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