Fiber Wavelengths

What is the science behind fiber optics?

Optical fiber strands are actual incredibly thin strand of glass. These long strands are incredibly thin threads. The strands are bound together lengthwise in bundles and they are then referred to as optical cables. Light signals are then sent across these very long cables from starting points to their final destinations. The light signals have the ability to travel very long distances at a rapid speed.

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If you were to cut into or through an optical cable you would notice its core. This is where the glass is and this is where the light travels. Then there is a cladding material that surrounds the core and consistently reflects the light into the core as it travels along. Imagine for a moment a pipe with many twists and bends that you would like to send a stream of light down. How could you do this without getting the light stuck shining on the wall in front of you and not shining down to ever reach the end of the hall? You would line the hall with mirrors. This way the light would reflect along down the hall bouncing back and forth and picking up reflections until it lit the end of the hall. Lastly, in the construction of the cable, there is a plastic outer coating know as buffer coating. As you can assume, the buffer coating is there to protect the fiber from obvious things such as external damage, tearing or water.

There are two basic types of optical fibers – single mode and multi mode fibers. A single mode fiber sends laser infrared light through its small core. A multi mode fiber sends LED light infrared through a large core. There is a third unique type of optical fiber that is made from plastic. These optical fibers send a visible LED light that is red through a large core.

Fiber optic transmission is incredibly common in telecommunication systems. There are many benefits to getting the internet and doing your networking over fiber. Fiber is fast and efficient. If you are interested in fiber internet options please contact us today at to discuss the possibility of bringing fiber technology to your business. At we offer a wide array of services such as point to point t1 service, mpls, gigabit Ethernet, and Smart WAN service just to name a few. We also work with the nation’s top providers of these services. This allows us to provide our customers with the best pricing possible.

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