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Let’s take a moment to talk about business travel. No one likes it. Travelling to out of town business meetings is time consuming. You may find yourself taking a two-day trip, dealing with flights, cars and hotels just to make it to one 2 hour meeting. Surely you are thinking of all of the work you could have accomplished if you spent those two days in your own office. In addition to the inconvenience and disruption in productivity, it is important to recognize the expense of business travel. Costs add up quickly when adding up airfare, car rental fees and hotel room costs. Not to mention the necessary and often incredibly pricy business dinners.

Intercall Reservationless audio conferencing is an advanced conference calling service that allows you to connect multiple participants on one conference line

It is safe to say that if you have out of town clients or partners you will never be able to avoid business travel all together, nor should you, but by using Intercall Reservationless Audio Conferencing you can significantly cut back on travel frequency. Reservationless audio conferencing is an advanced conference calling service that allows you to connect multiple participants on one conference line. You need not reserve a specific line and you have the ability to conference any time at a moment’s notice. This means that you have the ability to get in contact with your out of town clients any time you desire for important meetings or scheduled. The great perk here is that your communication is enhanced and so is your ability to collaborate. If you are working on a deadline, for instance, rather than just making executive decisions for the team you can check in and work together on a weekly or daily basis with your client. This not only reassures them and keeps them up to date on your timeline, but it also allows for collaboration, which in the end leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Now we know that Intercall Reservationless Audio Conferencing is a great tool to use in your communications with clients, but it is also a remarkable tool to use with your own team and staff. Audio conferences are a great way to conduct weekly staff meetings. These calls are an ideal way to get all of your geographically dispersed offices together. By holding weekly staff calls you can maintain brand and service continuity as well as troubleshooting problems together. This is also useful if you have a home office or if you are away on business travel. Instead of canceling or constantly rescheduling meetings you can establish a call time and every team member can dial in from wherever they may be.

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