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Limelight Networks IncOnce just a leading Content Delivery Network, Limelight Networks has evolved into much, much more. Now ranking as the top Digital Presence management provider, Limelight offers one-of-a-kind cloud platform promoting acquisition of new customers and generation of new leads, on top of the development of deeper relations with current customers, improved and more efficient transactions, and increased page views. All to think, the benefits of this top-notch service with out the hassle of in-house support or management of software.

Since entering the industry in 2001, Limelight has provided it’s customers with the high-speed services they demanded, never asking them to settle for anything less. The Limelight network makes use of Adaptive Intelligence software and brilliant network innovations down to each individual request for content – enabling each delivery to be as distinct as the request. The Adaptive Intelligence software offers a clear benefit: a superior, more responsive online experience utilizing Dynamic Origin, Custom Cache Hierarchies, Protocol Maximization, and real-time data offering detailed insight into the user experience.

Bypassing the frequently congested public Internet, Limelight maintains 589 last-mile networks around the world with most connections through high-speed 10-gigabit Ethernet lines. Through their global network, your content is delivered in the fastest possible way. With technologies like IPv6 and MPLS, your organizations content delivery is ready for the future.

The front-runner of Limelight technology is their cloud-based Orchestrate platform. Orchestrate provides you with the tools you need to create, deliver, manage, and optimize every aspect of your web presence. Limelight’s Orchestrate runs off the four principles of Show It, Tell It, Every Way, and Every Where. Maintaining a web presence seems to require a constant effort – words and pictures only get you so far and Limelight provides engaging media that drives communication and interaction. The eruption of social media has changed end-users expectations and perceptions of the sites they visit. In order to avoid your sites becoming a graveyard of dated pictures and text, Orchestrate allows you to build a story of your products, your company, and your brand that actively pulls in customers enticing them rather than having them sit back and listen. In today’s world, “Static content is dead content” is a motto to live by and Orchestrate allows you to easily maintain an ever changing and engaging presence. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, next door, or across the world, Limelight makes sure your content is deliverable to those attempting access.

Although they still maintain a spot among the top providers in content delivery networking, Limelight now offers a wide array of other top-notch services all offering monumental benefits for your business.

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