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DDoS Mitigation and Protection from ProlexicThere is no ideal time for your site to crash. Availability of your network and website is not something to be taken lightly as dependence on maintaining on strong digital presence is only growing. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) mitigation and protection from Prolexic functions to detect, defend, identify, mitigate and protect against all DDoS attacks targeting your business.

While the sources of DDoS attacks remain unknown far too often, Prolexic DDoS protection aims to discover the source of each and every attack even before the attack hits peak traffic. With Prolexic’s advanced DDoS distribution network you’ve never been better protected from these potentially business ending attacks.

Key Features and Benefits:

    • Scalability: Prolexic DDoS protection solutions are available in an array of configurations so you get the best service for your business. Prolexic defends the most DDoS attacks of any provider each year and knows that you need a plan that’s going to best benefit your business.
    • Capacity: DDoS protection by Prolexic has been tested time and time again and each time Prolexic’s massive distribution and mitigation network prevails. Prolexic offers the largest mitigation and distribution network out of all top providers.
    • Availability: With dependence on digital media only growing larger, it’s never been more crucial that your website is always on and always available. Availability can only boost relationships with current customers and help build new relationships with potential customers and partners.
    • Protection: DDoS mitigation by Prolexic works hard to protect the brand that you’ve established. In order to continually impress current customers and work to build relations with you new customers you need to ensure that your site has optimal up time and functionality.
    • Experience and Expertise: With comprehensive knowledge of over one hundred classifications of DDoS attacks, Prolexic knows what it takes to keep your site available even during unruly attacks.
    • Peace of Mind: It’s much easier to sleep at night knowing that you have the biggest, most experienced name in DDoS mitigation and protection backing your company.

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