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New technology is being developed every day to support and enhance businesses. Some of the greatest and most useful advances in technology have to do with easy and enhanced communication. In this article we would like to introduce you to Ready Conference Plus, a revolutionary business communication tool.

Ready Conference Plus enhances your meeting experience with offering 24/7 live support.At the most basic level Ready Conference plus is a conference calling service that works in conjunction with your computer to allow for on screen call management and presentation sharing.

Conference Calling is a great asset to your business. It allows users to stay in touch with far away clients. This saves you thousands of dollars in travel costs and it allows for more frequent communication. Conferencing is also a great way to conduct weekly staff meeting. This is especially useful when you run a business that functions out of multiple office locations, when weekly or biweekly business wide calls are the best way to get your whole team on the same page, or for large scale collaboration on projects.

In addition to the obvious universal advantages of using a conferencing service, Ready Conference Plus comes complete with an excess of special features designed to enhance your meeting experience. With Ready Conference Plus, conference calls can be easily and conveniently managed from your computer. First of all, participants can easily be invited to the call via email and each participant can join the conference by simply clicking a link from their email. Once on the call, moderators and participants will be presented with two unique on screen control panels. The moderators screen comes with an annotation tool for to help guide participants through the slides on their own screens. Moderators also have the capacity to load and store presentations before and during the conference further increasing efficiency. This eliminates down time and allows you to stay on the call while you queue up your next presentation. Participant screens and moderator screens also allow for viewing of the presentation. The online portal provides highlighted notifications to let everyone know which participant is speaking. Additionally, they have recording and note taking options. Lastly, one of the most important features for everyone involved in the call is Ready Conference Plus’ 24/7 live support. We all know that when an error or issue effects one participant during the conference it can easily disrupt the whole group. Any host or participant can chat live with tech support during the conference to resolve any issues quickly and easily, without wasting group time.

If you are interested in bringing Ready Conference Plus to your business please contact us at Fastblue. Our skilled technicians and knowledgeable customer service representatives are standing by to assist with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you.

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Erin Bothamley

Erin Bothamley is a Strategic Account Manager at Fastblue Communications. Fastblue is a Premier Managed Cloud, Telecom, and Internet Security Provider.