Reservationless Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing is quickly becoming the preferred means of meeting in offices today and it is easy to see why. The benefits of audio conferencing are innumerable. And you likely have participated in audio conferences in the past.

In this article we would like to outline some of the uses and benefits of audio conferencing.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing is ideal to organize business meeting from anywhere anytime.

Uses of audio conferencing:

  • Audio Conferencing is ideal for weekly staff meetings. Conference calls allow you to call into your morning meeting while on the drive into the office. This is also ideal if you have a west coast and an east coast office.
  • Audio Conferencing is a great way to meet with out of town clients. Usually, when clients are located far away from your office the number of times that you can meet with them is limited. But, with audio conferencing you can check in with your client more frequently.
  • Audio conferencing is a great tool to use while travelling. If you are out of the office on business travel, you may find it difficult to get your messages across to your whole team. With Audio Conferencing you can hold a meeting from any location at any time of day.

Audio Conferencing is easy to use:

  • Audio conferencing is compatible with all phones and smart phone devices.
  • Audio conferencing invitations will easily and intuitively link to your Outlook or iCal for your convenience.
  • Audio Conferencing is reservationless.This means that you can host a call at a moment’s notice from your available conference line.

Benefits of audio conferencing:

  • By using audio conferencing rather than traveling to meetings you will save yourself the hassle of planning a detailed trip itinerary. This trip planning is time consuming and can be very frustrating.
  • Audio conferencing will save you thousands of dollars in travel fees every year. Imagine just how much business travel costs once you factor in flights, rental cars, gas, hotels, etc. With a simple call you eliminate all of the costs of traveling.

If you are not currently employing an audio conferencing service for your business, now is the time to implement one. As you become more familiar and comfortable with this easy to use service you will surely find more and more uses for it.

Our informed and experienced team here at FastBlue is standing by to help you add this great service to your business. We also work with a wide variety of other services and we would be happy to speak with you about the next step in virtual conferencing – video conferencing. Please contact us today, you can also reach us by email, or right here on the website through live chat. We look forward to working with you to make your business more efficient every day.

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