Reservationless Plus Audio Conferencing

Reservationless Plus Audio ConferencingWith configuration options for every size business, Reservationless Plus Audio Conferencing provides a great solution for all your audio conferencing needs. With Reservationless Plus Audio Conferencing, audio conferencing has never been easier. Reservationless conferencing allows you to simply pick up the phone, dialing your dedicated conferencing line, entering a conference code, and simple pin. Reservationless Plus conferencing provides a streamlined conferencing solution for your business and integrates smoothly into applications you already use.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing provides a series of real advantages:

  • Reservationless: Simply pick up the phone and call in without previously establishing meeting times and dates.
  • Scalability: Reservationless Plus Audio Conferencing has a perfectly scaled solution for your business whether large or small.
  • In-call features: During calls conference moderators are able to turn the meeting to “Lecture Mode” effectively muting all participants. Additionally moderators maintain control a variety of entry and exit options, muting and unmuting, and locking controls.
  • Outlook Integration: Reservationless Plus Audio Conferencing allows for efficient creation, scheduling, and editing of prescheduled conferences with the Outlook Toolbar.
  • Summary Reports and Post Conference Emailing: Utilizing available post-meeting tools you’re able to effortlessly view all meeting participants and send meeting synopsis to attendees.
  • Security: With Reservationless Plus Audio Conferencing you’re able to set passcodes either before or during the meeting to ensure all participants in attendance are supposed to be there.

With a variety of keypad commands increasing in-call capabilities along with post-meeting summaries and email functions, Reservationless Plus Audio Conferencing offers an outstanding audio conferencing solution for your business, regardless of size.

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