The Value of Relationships in Telecom

As we continue to move through 2014 we’ve worked to help provide our clients with increased visibility into their services, and additional support for their network connectivity. To reach this goal we’ve had our account managers work with our clients to help increase network speeds and security while cutting costs wherever possible. To help achieve this we have utilized products such as on-net Ethernet and new voice technologies such as Hosted PBX, VoIP, and Integrated SIP/PRI technologies

Technology is great, but people are what drive your business. At Fastblue we strive to ensure that you can reach out to us with any issues, concerns, or for any support. Our value lies in our ability to support your account and to provide advice for any questions that you might have. One issue that our clients have faced this year is the over-promising sales team. Whether from phone vendors or direct telecom salespeople, sales teams have pushed our clients with the over-promising of their services from cost, performance, and security stand points and many have under delivered.

Fastblue has the ability to sit down with our clients and present all possible options, helping you create a winning telecom strategy for your business. We are not tied to any particular Cloud, Telecom, or Voice provider, ensuring that we never over promise and under deliver. Pair this with our dedicated support and personalized account team and we are confident we will provide you a better experience than you will receive from a carrier or cloud provider directly.

We are here as a dedicated resource for your business and since we are paid a small commission by our providers, we come at no cost to you. Fastblue is built around the success of our clients. If we didn’t provide top-notch support, great advice and service, we wouldn’t be used by several hundred companies today.

As a reminder, here are some ways we can help drive your business and potentially reduce costs along the way:
– Connectivity: From T1’s to Fiber
– Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery
– Cloud Services: Hosted PBX, Cloud Server, Cloud Backup
– Internet Security – DDoS protection

Fastblue is also is a unique position to add value to other technology aspects of your business. We partner with some of the best technology companies in the world, providing our clients access to Managed Service Providers, Integrators, Wi-Fi Deployment companies, and others who we know do a great job. In working with great partners we are able to expand our technical knowledge and increase the visibility you have into all of your IT services.

Thank you for being a Fastblue client. We appreciate your business and look forward to our continued working relationship!

Eric Swanstrom

Eric Swanstrom is a Sales and Account Manager at Fastblue Communications. Fastblue is a Premier Managed Cloud, Telecom, and Internet Security Provider.

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