XO IP Flex Connectivity

When it comes to managing and establishing the logistics of a new business it is important to consider the physical structure of your business and the virtual structure. Most business owners are eager to hit the ground running with their new business plan. This often discourages new business owners from addressing these logistics. No one wants to hold off on their main goal because they need to deal with tedious details like securing office space, furnishing a store front, setting up accounting, and of course setting up your various IT needs.

XO IP Flex Connectivity bundles Phone, Internet and Web Hosting Communications into one service from one provider.

XO IP Flex Connectivity cannot help you scout offices or purchase furniture, but it can offer you a one-stop shop for all of your IT needs. XO IP Flex Connectivity bundles your phone, Internet and web hosting communications into one. This means you only have to deal with one service from one provider. Since XO is providing an all-encompassing service they take great care to provide the best possible voice and data services to small and medium sized businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the unique voice and data feature:

XO IP Flex Voice Features

  • IP Flex has the most superior voice calling features available. This includes conference and three way calling, call forwarding and call waiting, redial, caller ID and do not disturb. IP Flex also allows users to forward voice mails to email. These simple features make voice calling convenient and intuitive.
  • IP Flex features unlimited calling on all local call. It all also offers free calling between your offices.
  • The IP Flex features and preferences are easy to manage via an online management portal. You can make changes to you preferences at any time.

XO IP Flex Data Features

  • XO IP Flex offers users dedicated Internet connectivity. This is a hugely important feature that has a great impact on small businesses. With a dedicated connection your bandwidth is always guaranteed. This means that during peak hours when the Internet often experiences slowdown and users are often plagued with disconnects, your Internet will remain speedy and unaffected.
  • XO IP Flex is designed to work with businesses. For this reason they offer an easy to use and reliable web hosting and email package. XO IP Flex takes this one step further to provide users with complimentary virus and attack protection.

XO IP Flex is a great solution for busy business owners who are looking for an all-encompassing easy to use networking solution. XO IP Flex provides you with one simple solution for all of your IT needs. That means that you only have to work with one provider and you only need to pay one bill.

Please contact us at Fastblue if you would like to find out more about XO IP Flex. We look forward to working with you.

Erin Bothamley

Erin Bothamley is a Strategic Account Manager at Fastblue Communications. Fastblue is a Premier Managed Cloud, Telecom, and Internet Security Provider.