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Fastblue is a globally focused, single-source provider of network and security solutions. We focus on global connectivity, flexible networking, and managed security services. Our company exists to help our customers reduce their overall spend, complexity, and to improve the management of their underlying vendors.

Fastblue exists for two reasons. First, to leverage our buying power to provide maximum savings to our customers. Second, to help our customers make the best possible decision in the shortest amount of time. Through our contract management we help our customers achieve savings while executing across networking and security services. We provide increased visibility into provider options, pricing, delivery timeframes, and expected service levels.
Yes, by purchasing services in a wholesale model we help our customers reduce their spend by aggregating our underlying customers into a single group purchasing entity. This increases the buying power of our customers by bonding our entire base into negotiations with our underlying partners. Increased buying power equals increased savings.

Yes, Fastblue provides our customers with a single invoice and NOC for multi-carrier services.

No. With us, you get one monthly bill. That’s it. One invoice. One contract. For all your technology needs.

Nope. It costs less. Because of our trusted relationships with leading vendors, we can secure
the lowest bids for cloud, connectivity, and data solutions. In general, we are able to achieve a
30-40% savings on current connectivity costs.

Fastblue has built a suite of software solutions to help customers manage their services in the most efficient way possible. Quoting, Inventory, and renewal management are all centralized through a single dashboard to allow for simplicity from quoting to contract management.

Nope. Buying directly from the carrier is generally more difficult and expensive. It places a costly and time-consuming burden on your in-house IT team, turning their focus to negotiating bids from multiple vendors across the globe, to managing installations and deployments at all work sites, to ongoing technical and administrative support for problems big and small across all areas of the enterprise.

Instead, at every step of the project cycle, working with Fastblue lowers costs and increases efficiencies. When we interact with vendors on your behalf, it frees up your IT team to focus on strategy and vision to help grow your business into the future.

For support issues we have a 24 x 7 NOC to ensure proper attention during outage. Ongoing account management would take place with the same account team that originally built your solution. We believe in long term in relationships to simplify the ongoing turnover most customers see with their vendors.


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