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We save you time, resources, and money. Working with Fastblue can significantly lower your in-house IT burden and increase your productivity and efficiency. We help you select customized solutions to grow your business.
Nope. It costs less. Because of our trusted working relationships with leading vendors, we can secure the lowest bids for you for a variety of services across numerous providers. We also reduce costs by helping you source the best available services at any site worldwide, which boosts each site’s performance, efficiency, and budget.
We work for you. Every project, every step of the way. Our customers’ satisfaction with the selection, procurement, and implementation of their connectivity solutions drives us to be the best at what we do, which is demonstrated by Fastblue’s 98% customer retention rate.
No. We offer single source billing to manage your multi-vendor solutions, minimizing your administrative burden.
Your account manager and customer support representative are your point people during the entire project cycle. The same Fastblue team partners with you every step of the process, ensuring you receive a consistently high level of service and support. We interact with all vendors and carriers on your behalf, addressing your concerns and coordinating milestones for project design, deployment, and support.

Nope. Buying directly from the carrier is generally more difficult and expensive. It places a costly and time-consuming burden on your in-house IT team, turning their focus to negotiating bids from multiple vendors across the globe, to managing installations and deployments at all work sites, to ongoing technical and administrative support for problems big and small across all areas of the enterprise.

Instead, at every step of the project cycle, working with Fastblue lowers costs and increases efficiencies. When we interact with vendors on your behalf, it frees up your IT team to focus on strategy and vision to help grow your business into the future.

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