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Considerations for Managed Mobility

Maximize the benefits by addressing the challenges.

Find Your Best Fit

Features of managed mobility services can vary across suppliers. So, it is important for organizations to focus on offerings that meet their needs and to stay informed of potential challenges. These challenges will vary depending on a company’s size, industry, and specific requirements. In this article, we look at a few areas that decision makers should consider when selecting a managed mobility service for their business


Security is one of the main concerns when it comes to managing mobile devices. Companies may face resource or other in-house challenges around ensuring the security of sensitive data, maintaining compliance with industry regulations, and protecting against cyber threats. Related issues to consider include:

Tip: When researching potential providers, look for those with SLA-backed offerings and ask how their security solutions can meet your business requirements.


Depending on the size of an organization, implementation of mobility services can vary in complexity. It is important to look for providers that can effectively manage mobility for your specific requirements. The potential challenges may include:

Tip: Reach out to providers who can offer infrastructure improvements and high performance connectivity, as well as managed mobility services that include complete lifecycle management of devices.


Even when organizations research and select managed mobility services that are a smart choice for their requirements, they may encounter some resistance as workers transition to the new processes and devices. Challenges to successful adoption may include:

Tip: Choose a provider with training and support as part of their managed mobility service, which helps organizations enable the successful transition of their workforce to new mobility technologies.

Making The Right Choice

Addressing these challenges requires a strategic approach, collaboration between IT and other departments, and a commitment to supporting successful adoption across the organization. With the help of a reliable single-source provider, organizations can successfully deploy high performance connectivity solutions and managed mobility services for on-premise, hybrid, and remote workers. For many companies, the right choice will be to find a managed mobility provider offering virtual and onsite deployment, installation, configuration, and ongoing technical support, as well as portals and help desk to simplify ordering and changes. In addition, it is recommended to find a provider able to perform cost assessments to ensure alignment of project budgets and plans with company-wide business goals.

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