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Supply Chain Challenges

Our enterprise customer confronted several challenges in the supply chain and project management of their numerous global technology suppliers. First, working with hundreds of separate suppliers bloated their costs. Specific challenges included poor vendor support across segmented geographical markets and a lack of cohesive, centralized management for their multi-vendor supply chain. Additionally, they struggled with fragmented project management for new sites, which led to disparate installation of services from suppliers using varying, often conflicting, mechanisms and processes. Our customer needed a way to centralize the management of their supply chain, as well as cut costs from too many services across so many suppliers.

Fastblue Solutions

Shorter Timelines and Centralized Project Management
To start, we conducted a global RFP on behalf of our client. With Fastblue handling the quoting process, our customer achieved a shorter timeframe – cutting the schedule for quoting down to weeks, instead of months. Next, our team was able to help the customer streamline their sourcing and billing of global technology services by aggregating hundreds of suppliers onto a single monthly invoice. Our customer also benefitted from the centralized project management we provided, which allowed the schedule for installation of services to be dramatically reduced. Additionally, they now had better visibility with access to inventory, billing, and support of their contracted services from our customer portal.

One Global NOC for All Services

Now, instead of disorganized and discrete support mechanisms across their suppliers, our customer has streamlined and strengthened their support process using our single, global NOC to quickly resolve issues and disruptions. Additionally, Fastblue’s 24/7/365 NOC provides ticketing information directly to the customer’s internal helpdesk for their different sites around the world.

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