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Enterprise medical manufacturer reduced costs, transitioned to SD-WAN, and streamlined global network management across new and existing sites.

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Network and Supply Chain Challenges

Our customer, a global leader in medical technologies, faced several significant infrastructure challenges. First, their legacy MPLS network had grown more expensive and inefficient over time. And they had multiple new acquisitions that needed to be integrated into the network. Next, their multi-vendor supply chain presented limited technical resources in Europe and Asia to manage conversions and integrations. Finally, there was a lack of cohesive IT and telecom support across their multiple suppliers, which added to their network management headaches.

These ongoing challenges caused network inefficiencies and overspending, which diverted time, money, and resources that should have been focused on unifying the global enterprise and growing the organization.

Fastblue Solutions

Our dedicated project team worked closely with the customer to develop both process and technical improvements, enabling them to streamline their supply chain management and to boost performance of their network infrastructure. The successful, collaborative effort generated both immediate cost reductions and ongoing savings for our customer.
Without Fastblue
With Fastblue

Network Upgrades

To solve our customer’s network challenges, we used our fiber- finding technology to determine redundant fiber paths for each new and existing facility. We created a budget and cost savings schedule for a cost-effective SD-WAN solution to replace their MPLS network with 100% redundancy. We also helped them develop a plan for retiring outdated services and installing new, dedicated internet for the upgraded SD-WAN. Additionally, we implemented site monitoring with automatic ticketing for outages, which greatly improved visibility and health across the global network.

One Team. One Bill. One NOC. Entire Globe.

To resolve the challenges of the customer’s disjointed, multi-vendor supply chain, we managed their network conversion with a single project management team. We merged their entire globe of discrete DIA suppliers onto a single, customizable bill. And – most importantly for the running of their day-to-day business – we provided a single global NOC available 24/7 for all their locations. Fastblue delivered both value and peace of mind by supporting our customer’s entire global infrastructure with a single, reliable NOC for cohesive network management, reliable ticketing, and fast ticket resolution.

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