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Media company switched to a hyperscale data center, reduced global latency between regions, and added flexible connectivity to boost their growing business.






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Data Center Challenges

Our customer, a fast-growing media & entertainment startup, was unable to find a traditional data center that could handle their density requirement. The customer needed to deploy high density computing to support animation and computer-generated imagery, and their existing data solutions were not up to the task. Latency and connectivity issues were also a challenge, causing slow access to large files. The company was expanding globally and required high performance connectivity to support multiple new business units. The customer also required flexible network connectivity to provide cloud service and transport between regions.

Fastblue Solutions

More Power. Better Performance.
We were able to identify 1+ megawatt hyperscale data centers in North America and Europe that could support the customer’s requirements. We delivered a cost-effective solution using a multi- vendor strategy that optimized spend per region. This strategy also increased their cloud and power consumption options. Latency was reduced by leveraging on-demand networks for data traversing between regions. Local dark fiber connectivity provided access between the customer sites and data centers, which gave the customer faster access to their files.
Without Fastblue
With Fastblue

Optimized for Continued Growth

The customer now has a global data center footprint designed around power and cost requirements, reduced latency between regions, flexible connectivity, and increased cloud and power consumption options. With our solution, the customer has been able to continue their rapid growth and maintain their position as a leading media and entertainment studio.

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