Integrated SASE Solution

Leading events company reduced costs, streamlined billing and support, and upgraded networking and security across all their locations.

savings compared to previous network services

30+ to 1

Reduction in number of billing service providers


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Cost and Service Challenges

A leading events company faced challenges with their existing managed SD-WAN solution from a major provider. They struggled through poor service, disjointed technical support, and a severe lack of security solutions, all of which increased their costs as they attempted to fill the gaps caused by the provider’s shortcomings. The service was not cost competitive or efficient, using different internet providers for many of the sites. This jumbled approach resulted in disparate billing and support mechanisms across the enterprise. Additionally, the absence of security integrations was a major concern. This lack resulted in the company having to deploy both firewalls and SD-WAN routers to each of their sites, which doubled their required equipment and costs.

Fastblue Solutions

Integrated Network & Security
When we were approached by the company, we quickly determined that a SASE solution would improve their network and overcome their cost and service challenges. By integrating security and networking with a SASE solution, our customer was able to reduce the onsite equipment needed to support each branch location. Plus, with Fastblue, they had greater visibility for network and security analytics from a single pane of glass. With centralized support from our global 24/7 NOC, the customer saw improved uptime and response timeframes.
Without Fastblue
With Fastblue

Big Savings & A Single Provider

By switching to Fastblue, our customer was able to aggregate multiple internet providers onto a single invoice. The customer now has over 30 suppliers that are billed and managed as a single service from Fastblue, resulting in a 20% cost savings. Additionally, they achieved shorter timeframes from sourcing to deployment. Our centralized project management dramatically reduced their schedule for the installation of services.

Overall, our centrally managed SASE solution provided a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to the challenges the customer had been facing. With us, they achieved lower costs, improved performance, and fortified security for their network and customers. They are now able to focus on delivering the best customer experience in the industry, knowing that their network and security are in good hands with Fastblue.

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