Managed Edge

Faster sourcing. Fortified WAN.

Resilient WAN. Reduced Pricing.

Innovate with managed network and endpoint security.

For group pricing on secure WAN solutions from leading providers, choose Fastblue. We are your single point of contact, billing, and support for SASE, SD-WAN, and optimized transition from legacy networks.

Leverage our group purchasing for cost-effective Managed Edge solutions including:
Managed SASE

Integrated network and security functions in a cloud-intrinsic, edge-flexible architecture

Managed SD-WAN

Agile, cost-effective WAN solutions to streamline your network

Managed Connectivity

Our superior support never stops working for you. Fastblue’s global, 24/7 NOC quickly resolves issues anywhere, anytime.

Secure Network Purchasing at Scale

Wireless / LTE / 5G Connectivity
Satellite internet
Dedicated Internet
Best Effort/Coax Internet

Managed SASE

Elevate the performance and security of your network.

SASE solutions integrate core network and security functions in a cloud- intrinsic, edge-flexible architecture. We provide group purchasing on SASE solutions from leading suppliers to meet your budget requirements and fortify your network.

Considering SASE? We source competitively priced SASE solutions from industry leaders. This flexible cloud solution integrates core networking and security functions to provide a stronger, more resilient environment from end to end.

Core Functions of SASE
SASE is a cloud-based, edge-flexible solution merging the best of networking and security functions, including:
  • SD-WAN - A software-defined WAN performs better than legacy WAN. SASE distills the best of SD-WAN functionality to deliver optimized routing, global connectivity, remote access, and network security.
  • Zero Trust Network Access - ZTNA provides premium security for each access life cycle by focusing on user and resource identity, not merely physical location.
  • Secure Web Gateway - SWG solutions fortifies the network against threats like phishing and malware. SASE enhances network security by providing SWG protection to all your users and locations.
  • Firewall-as-a-Service - FWaaS is the flexible, scalable way businesses can work confidently in today’s security landscape. SASE with FWaaS brings a full network security stack anywhere you need it.
  • Cloud Access Security Broker - CASB improves the security of cloud computing and works more efficiently as part of a SASE solution.
  • Unified Management - SASE simplifies the management of multiple, separate tools, providing a single pane of glass for visibility across the network.
Our Managed SASE solutions can be configured to meet your specific requirements. From sourcing to deployment to ongoing support, we handle the details so you can choose the right solution for your business. Select next-generation technologies from our network of leading suppliers. Our portfolio of secure networking solutions includes:

Managed Connectivity

Simplify network management with our convenient last-mile services.
Reduce complexity and IT burdens with our managed connectivity, an additional service for our managed SASE, SASE-as-a-service, and managed SD-WAN solutions.
As a single-source provider, we are your single point of contact for global network management. Our Managed Connectivity simplifies what would otherwise be a complicated hassle for your IT and Procurement resources: juggling the sourcing, deployment, monitoring, and support for numerous local and regional internet links across your end-to-end connectivity solution. Fastblue Managed Connectivity streamlines the complexities of multisite, multivendor networks and helps you stay focused on what matters: growing your business.

Why Choose Fastblue?

Save time, reduce costs, and get the secure WAN solutions that best fit your needs.

Optimized Quoting

Get quotes designed to maximize your cost savings & provide you with the best solutions for your requirements.

Maximum Efficiency

Benefit from a deployment strategy that identifies where service inefficiencies can be reduced for savings in both human and financial capital.

Faster Deployment

Get help choosing the right vendor, understanding pricing, building ROI, and completing your project in record time.

Expert Engineering

Understand gotcha’s, hidden fees, and gaps in your existing services. Our engineering team will design a customized roadmap based on your requirements. All with budget in mind.

Better Visibility

Manage thousands of providers and decrease your network costs through a single pane of glass and management tool.

Single Point of Contact

Simplify things with our 24x7x365 Global NOC, single invoice, and proactive project team to help manage your contracted services.

Simplify Sourcing with Fastblue

Contact us to learn how we can help.
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