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Fastblue Hub brings you diverse solutions from the most trusted data centers around the globe.

At Fastblue, we partner with you to understand your requirements in order to secure the best available data center to meet your goals. Our dedicated customer service and deep industry experience provide you a strategic picture of the costs, logistics, and resources impacted by data center decisions across the enterprise.

Fastblue Hub covers a variety of data center solutions, including:

Dense deployments
– get advice on data center capacity to support dense, power-intensive requirements

– centralize your global network at a trusted facility to maintain and optimize infrastructure, speed, and connectivity across all your cloud and private network connections

Cloud connectivity

– make the best choices in available cloud services by leveraging


Critical Data Services

Fastblue Hub aligns you with robust solutions from trusted, compliant providers that are PCI, SSAE, HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, and more. Rely on Fastblue to keep your organization’s most valuable data secure and protected.


Trusted Providers

We leverage our longstanding relationships with the industry’s best providers to secure your most critical data, reduce in-house IT burdens, and protect critical networking infrastructure. Fastblue brings you providers that have a proven track record delivering reliable, secure data center solutions.

Our solutions connect you with regional and redundant locations throughout the USA and the world, all backed by leading commitments to network and power to secure your data and protect your business operations. We can customize data center, cloud, and colocation solutions to meet your unique needs, using dedicated resources and certified equipment across the globe.


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