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Responding to Economic Downturn

How to cut costs and gain upfront & long term savings

The technology sector and other market indicators reveal a challenging economic forecast. Smart businesses will increase process efficiencies to stay ahead of recessionary hits to their operating costs. This article presents an executable plan to save money on internet spend and boost efficiency for your organization.

ISP Limitations

Fastblue Solutions

How Fastblue Maximizes Savings

Group Purchasing

As a group purchasing provider, we help our customers source both current and new suppliers to maximize savings. Fastblue customers get the benefit of our entire base of $100M+ customer spend without any spend minimums for contracted services. We provide access to local pricing across 1,000+ service providers in 180 countries, achieving the best rates on internet services worldwide.

We provide upfront rate cuts and ongoing savings to our customers:

Streamlined Services = Significant Savings

We help streamline the sourcing, deployment, support, and management of contracted
services at sites around the world, boosting efficiency and reducing spend for our customers:

Find out how switching to Fastblue cut the number of billing suppliers from 30+ to 1 and provided a single, centralized NOC to 300+ customer sites, reducing overhead and delivering ongoing cost savings.

How Fastblue Helps You Source Smarter & Deploy Faster

Saving money is imperative to successful business, especially in a fragile economy. With group purchasing and streamlined supply chain management, we provide savings, efficiency, and peace of mind to our customers.
At Fastblue, we work diligently to:

Choosing Success with Fastblue

These days, especially, decision makers are having to adapt how they do business to maximize success against prevailing economic forecasts. Make better decisions faster with a reliable, single-source provider like Fastblue to support your efforts from sourcing to deployment and beyond.

Choose Fastblue to get more value from your connectivity, cloud, and data center solutions, including:
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