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Service and Support Challenges

A global gaming company faced significant challenges with their connectivity infrastructure. Their existing service was limited to just 3 major telecom providers, which restricted their options and introduced several pain points such as using non-diverse carriers at many of their locations. Their existing service lacked key elements including visibility, cohesive management, and uniformity of service. Outdated, spreadsheet-based project systems slowed down implementation. Also, the customer struggled getting their requirements and expectations met, due to frequent account team turnover with their suppliers.

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Fastblue Solutions

Superior Options. One Provider.
Seeking a robust solution, the company partnered with Fastblue Communications. We took a proactive stance and initiated an RFP on behalf of the customer to identify the best on-net providers, aiming to enhance redundancy across each site. With our group purchasing power and extensive network of leading suppliers, Fastblue presented a single MSA that brought together over 70 regional carriers, effectively diversifying the company’s global connectivity sources.
Centralized Management. Integrated NOC
Our comprehensive solution didn’t end there. The company’s operations were further enhanced by integrating our outstanding 24/7 global NOC support, which provided ticketing information directly to the customer’s internal help desk and streamlined the management of their different sites throughout the country. Additionally, we implemented monthly SLA performance reporting for each carrier, enabling the company to monitor individual services and ensuring service quality remained top-notch across their entire network.
Giant Savings. Transformative Solutions.

The results of the partnership with our new customer were nothing short of remarkable. They experienced a jaw-dropping 60% decrease in connectivity costs, translating into over $10,000,000 in savings over the contract term. Moreover, the collaboration allowed the consolidation of 70+ individual carriers onto the Fastblue platform for billing, support, and proactive monitoring. This centralized approach and real-time communication via software-based updates brought improved efficiency and positively impacted the company’s day-to- day operations.

The customer was able to overcome their connectivity hurdles effectively, resulting in the seamless connection of 650 sites across the USA. With a solid connectivity foundation in place, the company was poised to drive innovation, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and continue their reign as an industry leader in global gaming.

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