Visibility and Cost Savings

Fortune 200 company drastically reduced costs, increased network redundancy, and streamlined management of their global connectivity services.

Connectivity Savings


ISPs across 500+ global sites


Fastblue contract, bill, NOC, and team for all sites


faster ticket resolution with centralized NOC







Fastblue Customer Since


Cost and Support Challenges

Our customer, a global leader in storage and manufacturing, struggled with managing hundreds of different internet service providers across their 500+ global sites. Because their existing ISPs were individually managed, cost, support, billing, and project management were ongoing challenges. Cost was the major issue: the customer was paying nearly twice the market rate for services; they were still paying for disconnected services at some locations; and, they lacked visibility into their current contract terms and renewal options. Support was also a significant and ongoing issue. During disruptions and outages, there were challenges identifying the correct circuit information and properly conveying it to their underlying suppliers, which delayed ticket resolution.

Fastblue Solutions

Giant Savings. One Provider.

Our project team performed an assessment of connectivity services to identify overspend and to redesign a solution around the most effective carrier strategy. With Fastblue as their single-source global connectivity provider, our customer achieved over $7M cost savings and increased network redundancy. What was previously over 100 separate contracts is now managed by Fastblue using one contract, one monthly invoice, one global NOC, and one dedicated project team. The customer now has visibility across all sites and services with our easy-to-use customer portal.

Without Fastblue
With Fastblue

Centralized NOC. Faster Ticket Resolution.

Our solution reduced the time needed to achieve ticket resolution by more than 25%. With our centralized, 24/7 global NOC, the customer’s 500+ sites were now able to manage ticketing for services worldwide with speed and simplicity. No more confusion or delays from missing or unidentifiable circuit information. We delivered a single-source solution that streamlined their global support process. And, our customer portal provides faster opening, closing, and resolution of support tickets for services and sites around the world.

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